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Examples created for SIMA 4.6

SIMA 4.6.0

Case Description Tags
User defined element This example shows to user a user-defined element to create a flat bottom. Fortran code for the user-defined element may be found in template_code/earth_example.f90 and the compiled code in earth_example.dll.

NOTE: The interface code in Fortran 90 included in the storage task template_code/earth_interface.f90
User defined element

SIMA 4.6.3

Case Description Tags
Time domain VIV (Cross flow load) This example shows how to include the effect of VIV due to current and waves in a time domain simulation.
A simple TTR model is included together with workflows and a small custom editor to run the analysis and view results.

Only cross-flow VIV loads are applied as the in-line loads are still restricted to the JIP participants. NOTE: A license is currently needed to use cross-flow VIV loads.
Time domain VIV, Cross-flow loads
Wave & Current
TTR (top tensioned riser)